300 Picture books week 2.


Continuing our attempt to meet the 300 Picture book challenge. We’re on track so far.

Our first Judith Kerr of the year. It’s not a Mog book (boo) but it does have a very Mog looking cat in it. When Willy went to the wedding. It’s not his fault, honestly.

Two ladybird books today, first being a Read it yourself, Sly Fox and Red Hen (mild peril, cartoon violence, threatening language), Forgetful little fireman – bonus points for being short, annoyance point is that the Fire Brigade doesn’t search for lost pets.

I want my hat back was in the massive pile of books I won on one day last year. Or at least, they all arrived on one day – I think I won them over several. This is a great picture book, very sardonic in tone – watch out for the rabbit.

the kiss that missedFriday – two library picture books. A lovely bedtime story from David Melling, the kiss that missed. I adore the breaking of the fourth wall picture of the knight. And My Gumpy’s outing, a classic I first read to Big a decade ago. Adore the pictures.

Saturday two more from the library. Box of tricks from Katie Cleminson which is a visual feast and Zoe’s Christmas List, which is from the Inkpen team of Mick and Chloe. It differs from the usual Mick Inkpen books, apparently Chloe is the illustrator here, and the style is very much her own.

Sunday, the last two library books. Your emotions: I feel angry is very child self help, and not very re readable. But Darkness slipped in is wonderful.

We need another library trip. I’d have gone today but our library opens Sunday and closes Monday. Might try to get there tomorrow.

Along with the reviews, we did a makeover on Shingle Street. Do let me know what you think of the new look.

So, our numeric tally. 16 picture books read 6/300 (5%)
Books bought – 0.
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – 0 ((11 cumulative)

I don’t think that Small has done any reading this week, I’ll have to poke him later.

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  1. The Kiss That Missed trilogy is wonderful. Huge Melling fans here (and he’s local too, so lots of signed books!) Two by Two and a Half, The Totally Terrifying Three, The Tale of Jack Frost and The Scallywags might be ones to look out for too (and the other two in the trilogy of course) 😉

  2. I’m only familliar with I want my hat back since we have that one (more for my husband than our daughter so far I feel!). We need another library trip too.

  3. I love your choices – they’re completely different to all the others when I’m checking through the link-up so gives even more food for thought!

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