Saturday Snippets 4 January 2014

{decluttering} the living room. I’ve managed to shift out nearly two sacks worth of stuff for charity, a (small) bin liner of rubbish and a box for recycling. With the tree going down and a rearrangement so that the art desk is in a corner, the room looks much much bigger than it did. More to do, but it’s a start.
{wondering} just how many books we’ve got. And planning to line one of the two alcoves in the room with bookshelves, as then four more boxes would disappear and the room would really start to be manageable.
{reading} picture books daily to the children, and really enjoying it. (There are daily review posts over on Shingle Street. I’ve also used my creative year challenge to myself to highlight spending time around the children being creative. So there’s been a lot of playing with Superclay or drawing or general crafting, which gives a completely different feel to the house.
{watching} Last Action Hero, our last #familyfilmnight on the TalkTalk movie boost. Not one for the younger children, but they mainly played on the computer, or trashed my newly tidied living room (sigh). Small adored it, and Big thought it was OK.
{eating} takeout. *blush*. But the car is broken again, so I couldn’t easily shop today, so it was the easiest way out. Yeah, yeah, I know.

calm during the storm

Big thoroughly enjoyed a couple of days with her friend C up in Yorkshire, and also took the opportunity to pick Uncle Mike’s brains over photography. Small had an excellent second Christmas with a whole pile of suitable presents including 2 3DS games (much happiness) and is building a good relationship with J, mainly minecraft based. Smallest has perked up massively since she’s been home, and is thriving on both the book and creative attention, although could do with more outdoor time. Tigerboy is displaying a real talent with jigsaws, he adores them, and is obviously very spatially capable.

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  1. I always feel like having a good clear out after Christmas too. Sounds like you do have a lot of books!

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