Day 2 in the 2014 house.

The tree is down. And I’m not tangling with that again, vicious monstrosity that it is. It hasn’t been stored, instead heading out to the bin. Bizarrely the lights went back in their odd shaped plastic box first time. Was quite scary actually.

I ran this morning. The 1.2 mile circuit, and I can do that at a sub hour 10k pace. The next 8.something k maybe not though. Still, it’s a starting point. I’d like to do another 10k race sometime, and I’d love to come in under an hour.

Other than that I’m not sure where the day has gone. I’ve been a little creative (started a poem, though it’s in no fit state to be shared yet. If ever.) I encouraged creativity In the children by getting out a Christmas pack of Superclay. Weird stuff. Some kind of polymer I assume, stays soft while you’re playing with it, but will air dry if you leave it alone.


I’ve done a little bit more crochet – trying the pattern I started the other night again. I can’t work out whether I’m misreading it or whether it’s just wrong. Wondering if there’s a way of drawing it out to work it out.

Started my next book, The Midnight Rose. Not usually my kind of thing, and a huge departure from the SF I’ve been enjoying. Really enjoying it though, and got 6% in, which given it’s over 600 pages long is a start at least. And made tea from scratch (pizza on a Thursday), while contemplating our food habits and budgets and earnings. We don’t live as frugally as we could, although we don’t live extravagantly by any stretch of the imagination, and I need to be earning more and spending less if the house goals that weren’t touched last year are to be achieved this year.

Hm. I can’t decide whether it’s been a good day or not. I do know I’ve had to deal with far too nasty rear ends. So overall not brilliant. But I’ve hit my main targets, including reading to the children again, so I guess that’s not too bad. And now to hit the target of being asleep by midnight, so that I can be awake a little earlier in the morning, and hopefully manage some more things tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like a good day to me, nice mix. Hope the poem calls you back, even if not shared, and hope the crochet can be investigated. And no more nasty rear ends!

  2. Sounds like a pretty good day to me. A good variety of things covered and the new meal-planning contemplations – I’ve been having similar contemplations myself.

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