Saturday Snippets 28 December 2013

{discovering} previously unknown levels of self restraint! when I walked away from a twitter discussion about home education and child abuse and then stayed away for several hours.
{eating} fridge bottom feast, where the fridge was also the reduced section of the coop fridge. Sherry trifle reduced to 75p!
{watching} Planet 51. Surprisingly good animation about the humaniac invasion of aforementioned planet. Tigerboy fell asleep, but the rest of us really enjoyed it. Something for everyone.
{reading} um! nothing. I haven’t started another book yet. How embarrassing.
{planning} trip to Yorkshire with children. And hoping one day we’ll have a big enough car for Tim to come too.
{enjoying} my wonderful Christmas present. Have expanded my musical horizons, and now have two country music stations, a Beatles, stones and Motown station, and Graceland. Joy.

We had a marvellous Christmas, everyone was happy with what they got and what they gave. Big was very helpful wrapping presents, Small chose the most fabulous toy for Tigerboy, Smallest was utterly adorable throughout the holiday, and Tigerboy has mastered unwrapping.

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  1. Random ingredients left in the fridge is always a great meal.

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