I’ve learnt something new this year.

I’ve found out that Christmas can be fun.

You have to not expect too much, of yourself, or anyone else. Then that perfect present (an internet radio gizmo thing so that I can have country music in the kitchen) really is quite wonderfully unexpected and overwhelmingly thoughtful and perfect.

Carefully chosen presents for other people, where the care and not the cost is the important thing. So Small has spent two days building paper craft minecraft alternating with Mario Kart 7. And he is as happy as a ten year old boy can be. He took a break last night to start one of his new books, Lance of Truth and he’s been wonderful company. We don’t require him to stay at the table, or eat all the food, and while he is at the table he’s lovely and he tries new things each time.

Big is four episodes into her NCIS box set. She has another 47 DVDs to go. That’s a whole lot of happiness. Tigerboy got another Tiger, who is quite adorable, and his first Duplo, and that is very good. As were board books and sticker sets, and the chocolates from the tree.

Smallest. Ah. She is my difficult child at the moment, but only in that building her up again after this bug has been very difficult given she went off all foodstuffs. Christmas has given the opportunity for lots of people to offer lots of things and I think she’s eaten almost properly today for the first time in weeks. She put herself to bed two hours earlier than normal, so she’s obviously still a little tired. But she is so very happy with her little Webkinz Rabbit, and her Bob set, and lots of new books to read, so I think all round it’s been a success.

For me though the most important thing has been realising that I can put aside all my history and just enjoy the festivities. We do it our way, low key at home, no elves or much of a countdown, as we don’t need the heightened anticipation. Online shopping is far less stressful than crowds, and then our little town serves for the little finishing touches. Tree goes up on Christmas Eve, and then we watched a film and had a snacky tea after Tim and the bigger children walked around the nearby relatives to hand deliver cards.

Wrapping happens on Christmas Eve, this year I started it and Big finished it before going to midnight mass with Tim.


Homemade cinnamon buns baking for breakfast (note to myself for next year, cook them in two batches if you’re still using the little oven, and try the glaze) while presents are opened and examined, and then new outfits put on and away round to relatives for an afternoon and evening of family and food. Children are entertained with copious Winnie the Pooh, and late evening stroll back to unwind with Doctor Who.

The details aren’t the important part. The friendship, family and relaxed caring are.

Happiness where you find it, how you carve it, why you cherish it.

This is my Christmas.

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  1. sounded lovely Jax. Never feel bad for doing things your own way, it obviously worked. xx

  2. It sounds perfect because it worked for your family, it was fun and calm. Whatever your family likes is always the best way to do it. Glad it went off so well. xx

  3. We’ve had the best Christmas for a good while here. The bar was quite low to start with, but it’s been a good one this year

  4. Sorry that someone made you feel guilty over the way you enjoy Christmas. It sounds lovely to me xx

  5. Sounds like a good one. I’ve had a tendency to over compensate for something at Christmas – too many presents, too much food, but I think we’re getting better at being quieter too. Family seen, gifts low-key, kids fed chocolate for breakfast – well, you can’t have everything ;-) xx

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