Presents hidden everywhere.

Presents hidden everywhere
Shiny bag behind the chair

2013-12-20 21.44.58
Packed and left out in plain sight

2013-12-20 21.45.22

Stashed atop the stairs at night

2013-12-20 21.45.48

I’ve hidden presents anywhere
I think that no one thinks to look

(On the table. By a book.)

2013-12-20 21.46.30

I hope that no one reads this post
Or no one who will matter most,
But perhaps these *aren’t* my secret places
Perhaps I’m bluffing to your faces.

I’ve hidden presents everywhere.
I won’t tell. So there.

This post is an entry into the Hudl Christmas cheer competition

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  1. Ha ha – you’ve got to hide them where you can! Most of mine are hidden in wardrobes, and our bedroom, but there are a few in the odd cupboard. Looking forward to getting them all out into the open!


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