Minecraft papercraft Shelter kit review.

Today we should have been at wed ed. But the little two still aren’t quite right, and the idea of spending several hours in the car with them just didn’t appeal at all. So I apologised profusely to Small, who missed out on his communal minecraft session, and then was very grateful when this Minecraft Paper Craft Shelter Pack arrived in the post for review.

He spent hours on it. I assume he’s going to write his own review up tomorrow, but I thought I’d pop a quick one on tonight, in case anyone is thinking about catching last order dates.

The arrival:

It’s Steve!

I can build too.

I’ll be inside.

This particular kit is listed at £13.00, although there are a variety of others. It kept three children amused for about three hours today, which I’d say is fairly good value for money. It’s heavyweight card, but easy to fit together. It also included some glass blocks (made out of plastic thankfully) and some mortar sticky tape to fix the blocks together. Small was particularly impressed with the wolf, which was easily the fiddliest bit of the kit, although I was impressed at how well Steve stood up to having his arms repeatedly removed by Tigerboy. The individual pieces go together with tabs that are pretty sturdy. Then you can build the blocks into a shelter form – although there were some complaints about the kit coming with a door without having a crafting table. Apparently you have to have a crafting table to make other things and the door comes after that, though I rather glazed over at that point – I do try to understand the whole minecraft obsession but there are times when it just doesn’t mean that much to me.

(I’m guessing that Small may cover those aspects in detail in his review, hopefully coming to his blog tomorrow.)

Anyway, this kit went a long way towards making up for the disappointment of missing out on a day with his friends, so I’m rather pleased it appeared today. And if you think they’d be a good addition to your Christmas presents, you still (just!) have time to order from Amazon here: Minecraft papercraft kits

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