They’re getting better, with the help of many movies from TalkTalk.


It’s been a tough week. First Tigerboy then Smallest went down with the most vicious cold bug I’ve seen. Off their food, sleeping fitfully but lots, snotty, with hacking coughs. It hasn’t been pretty. It’s also been tiring, as Tigerboy in particular decided he could only nap sitting up on my lap, and they both hacked their way through each night.

Touch wood the worst is over though. Both of them actually ate through the day today, and drank, which is much better than we’ve been managing. Smallest in particular has been really worrying me, as she’s not a hefty child at the best of times, and most of a week without a proper meal left her starting to look somewhat transparent. She was even turning down chocolate – I was starting to get desperate. But today she’s eaten breakfast, lunch and snacks, and was well enough to bounce a little this evening, so I’m hopeful that we’re on the up.

I hate it when they’re ill. I hate when I can’t make things better, tempt them with food, wave a magic wand to put things right. The best I’ve managed this week is an endless supply of movies – our TalkTalk review for Sky Movies boost kicked in at just the right time.

The boost is brilliant. You get access to movies across 11 different Sky channels. You can watch the specific channels from the guide in youview, or you can get to the on demand section through the TalkTalk player. This took a bit of finding – when we first started the review, we didn’t have a TalkTalk player at all. I’m not quite sure where it had gone, but I spent an hour in livechat, and then scheduled a support call the next day. I didn’t get the call, but when I went in to check the situation, the player had reappeared. Weird. And no, it wasn’t I was just looking in the wrong place I assure you.

No, it wasn’t. Besides, it wasn’t just me looking – the children are way better with this bit of kit than I am.

Anyway, what you do is push the talktalk button on the remote, and then all channels. Sky on demand is the third one down. That gives you a list of different sections, like Disney, family, action and so on, and shows about 20 movies as highlights. If you OK on a section though, you get the full list, and there’s around 80 or 90 films in each section. Yes, 100s of films you can watch on demand.

The children appear to be trying to do precisely that. Smallest has watched Mulan, and Mulan II, Tinkerbell and the Lost treasure and I think there’s another Tinkerbell sequel that’s hidden in family instead of Disney that she’s got her eye on for tomorrow.

Big has been wading through teen movies. Pitch perfect was one she’d been waiting for. I’m sure there are others, I’m really not sure what. And we all watched The Mask on Saturday night for family film night, and I sat and watched Arthur Christmas with two pathetic ill children at the start of the week.

There are so many films! The boost costs £15 for a month, we must have watched more than 15 films this week. Happy feet two. The aristocats. Ice Age 27. (I don’t know, I’ve lost count. I didn’t hang around to check the details, but at least it wasn’t as bad as Madagascar 43.) The layout is a little annoying in that you can’t get to the on demand from where the TalkTalk tells you the channels are, but once you ignore that it’s fine.

So those instructions again. Use the TalkTalk button. Press OK when it asks you to. Then go for all channels, and down three to Sky On Demand. You’re welcome. Enjoy. We are doing.


Disclosure: I’m a TalkTalk family blogger, and we have been supplied with the talktalk box, phoneline and TV package for the purposes of review. This boost was also supplied free.

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