Saturday snippets 14 December 2013

{Reading} Starborn. The final book in the Flaxfield quartet. A little sad at how it Finished.
{Watching} The Mask. Suitably silly and funny for #familyfilmnight. Thanks to talktalk for our Sky Movies boost for review. Now that we’ve finally figured out how it works we’re very happy with it.
{Eating} pizza. Yes, on Saturday. Presumably I’m going to spend next week not sure of what day it is, like I spent this week after we had pizza on Sunday.
{Waiting} for children to get better. The youngest two have been really under the weather with a nasty cough and cold. Touch wood I think Tigerboy is shaking it off now and I’m hoping Smallest will start to tomorrow, she seemed to start with it a little after him too.
{Pretending} it isn’t really Christmas soon. I’m not ready. I’m never ready. I don’t really know how to be ready. Hohum.


{Snapshots} Big has almost completed her first wordpress build with theme customisation, she’s just waiting for final details from her client (me). Small has done some excellent animation and spent all day today on scratch, not opening minecraft at all. Smallest has had a mainly quiet week, while Tigerboy figured out making a remote control restart his program once finished. Lots and lots of Qpootle5 later. ..

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  1. Shame those books aren’t on Kindle – I really fancy reading them :)

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