Flaxfield – a quartet.

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Last week I managed to read because I spent lots of time trapped in a bedroom with sleeping children and no internet. This week I’ve done a fair bit of reading because the children got infected with horrid colds while we were away and Tigerboy decided he could only nap on me while sitting upright.

So I’ve read a couple more in the Flaxfield quartet, Fireborn and Doubleborn. Today I started the final one, and I’m a little reluctant to read further because it’s going to finish when I do that, and I don’t want it to finish.

That’s the sign of a good book, isn’t it? That you’re putting off reading it because you don’t want it to be over?

I’m not quite sure what it is about these books I’ve enjoyed so much. Looked at objectively they aren’t anything particularly special. Fantasy, about wizards, but not so much about magic or spells, because magic has gone a bit mad, and there’s this long running battle between good and evil (isn’t there always?). There’s a dragon, which usually improves things, and a cat, and monstrous beetles as well as an evil wizard who does horrid things.

Which all sounds a bit yeah, yeah, but there’s something about the way it’s written that is sparse and eloquent and eminently readable. Characters who aren’t quite perfect but have good running through them, small spells like stars that fall from fingers and cats who eat them. The roffles (a race of creatures who live in the Deep World) are irritating, but memmonts who love tidying sound rather fun. Children who change the course of magic by doing what comes to them to do, and try their best and sometimes are just children.

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I think it reminds me a little of a Wizard of Earthsea, or maybe a Wrinkle in Time. I have enjoyed the series very much, and I will finish it, probably tonight or tomorrow. And I must go on to Goodreads and total up my reading for the year and see whether I’ve managed my 52 books. I suspect I have, although I’m really not sure. I haven’t been adding everything in, and it will annoy me when I can’t remember whether I read things this year or last.


What have you all been reading this week?

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  1. A friend had lent me a small stack of Diana Wynn Jones books, so this week a read The Lives of Christopher Chant, almost in one sitting (which is not something I get away with very often!).

    It’s my second DWJ, and I’m very taken with her writing, and with the universe(s) that she creates. Though grown ups remain consistently self-absorbed, thoughtless, and downright silly, regardless of the other details of the universe in question. She has a tolerance for the casual injustices of childhood which is probably why I’ll never be a great writer – I would always want to fix it, when in truth, we can all list the times when we weren’t asked, or believed, or allowed to explain, and it Just Wasn’t Fair. That’s part of what childhood is, even among the kindest of adults. So she was obviously much cleverer than I am…

  2. That sounds like a series I’d like to read too. I know I’ve got 52 books on Goodreads but some of them were very, very short! I’ve just struggled through S. (JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst), I liked the concept but it didn’t work for me as a package. I’m at the not-sure-what-book-to-start-next stage now.

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