Evening interruptus.

I had such plans for this evening. I have teaser photos of review items to play guessing games with.


I was going to dig back through my photos and regale you with tales of Hogwarts and encourage you to see it in the snow (it’s been extended to Feb 2nd so you’ve got time now, to squeeze it in).

I was considering entering a blog competition or two, or reviewing another book perhaps. Maybe even counting up how many books I’ve read this year from my read 52 challenge. (I’ve no idea, I haven’t been keeping track at all. How bad is that? )

Or I could have deciphered Sky Movies on demand for you as part of our next talktalk boost review. (Movies. £15 for a month. Hundreds available on demand, if slightly well hidden. Once you know where they are it’s brilliant and the kids seem to have set their own watch 52 in 25 days attempt going. )

Instead of all of that, I’ve been catching vomit in towels and soothing a fevered brow. Poor Tigerboy was well and truly infected with his first cold of the winter at camp last week, and although I hoped he’d cope better this year, it’s following the same pattern as last year and he’s got a horrid cough. Resulting in him losing his dinner in fairly  spectacular fashion. The washing machine is already on and I have scrubbed my hands ferociously. Yeuch.
Roll on spring.

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  1. Aw, I wish him better. xxx

  2. Oh no yuck, hate sickness bugs, hope he is better soon. I have 2 little ones with ear infections, temperatures galore! Here’s to another sleepless night x

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