I have tried a little and failed more.

Some books have left the house. No other things. My todo lists are mainly untouched, books unread. Children fed and clothed and changed and fed and educated (at least a little) but entertained a little more than I would like by screens.

Food wasn’t as good as it should have been (don’t cook your celeriac in with the ham) but I should remember that it was cooked from scratch, fresh organic vegetables and fruit.

Washing washed and dried without tumbling and I might be getting near to catching up with the holiday pile.

Maybe I’m not doing as badly as I thought.

And there was this sky.


No, not all bad after all.

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  1. no not bad at all !! xx

  2. What a beautiful sky. Happy sighs and happy skies and the rest will follow.
    I think ;)

  3. No not bad at all, days like this remind me that the really good days are good and other are ok to not so bad in the end

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