Saturday snippets 7 December 2013

{Not celebrating} my birthday. Day after camp, 4 children with colds, think I’ll try again next week.
{running} slowly along the sea front and marvelling at the destruction. Pieces of the new sea defences, bigger than my fist spread across the beach and the prom. Inches of sand so that running along the prom felt like running along the beach. Slabs of the edge of the prom dropped onto the beach. Such casual and trivial destruction, wielded in a few moments.
{watching} man of steel. Really not worth it. Now want to watch more Costner. Maybe Bull Durham.
{reading} Fireborn. Second of the Flaxfield Quartet. Really rather enjoying it.
{eating} takeout. It’s my birthday. I’m allowed. Especially as Big was too poorly to make cake.

{snapshots} Big played guitar in the talent show, and sounded really good. She’s completely self taught. Small did a full week at camp without a single fight or explosion. He’s also read Ender’s Game which is giving rise to some very interesting discussions. Smallest had a wonderful week at camp and particularly loved her secret Santa gift of a colouring story book with cuddly butterfly. Tigerboy enjoyed spending time with a variety of different adults.

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  1. Happy Birthday! (even if you are not celebrating until next week) Hope everyone feels better soon .. not much worse than all kids with colds is there :-( Glad you all enjoyed camp :-)

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