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one of the good things about a holiday without internet (possibly the only good thing about a holiday without internet ) is reading. I did quite a lot of reading this week. I read a proof of Dead Gone (I need to check whether there’s a publicity plan before I review that one. Then I read Dragonborn, the first of the Flaxfield quartet, and half of Fireborn, the second one. The amusing thing about those is that they were part of a book exchange between Big and her friend, and I got into them before she did. The less than amusing thing is that she’s hidden Fireborn so I can’t finish it! This is annoying as I was really enjoying it. It’s quite simple fantasy stuff, but nicely written, and rocks along well, and I want to know what happens next. Which makes it a petty good book in my estimation.

I also read midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick. it’s a really fast read, and I enjoyed some of the throwaway concepts, like the One Device, with its capability of finding someone for you to be friends with anywhere you are. I’d like to see that explored further. I also quite enjoyed the way the story went back through time instead of forward, and the way the different episodes interlinked. (Trying ever so hard not to give any spoilers here.) It has the flavour of a Norse legend, not surprising with the Viking link in earlier parts of the story arch, and overall, I enjoyed it, though it is not what you’d call cheerful overall.

Turns outs that somewhere along the line I’ve ended up with two copies of it, so I’m going to be ever so thoughtful, and give one away. As ever entry is by comment, and I’d like you to tell me the last book you read, either for yourself or out loud (I did a lot of that this week too).

Extra entries available for tweeting
“I’ve entered to win Midwinterblood with @liveotherwise and you can too”
Or by following me on twitter or entering the linky with a link to a post about what you’ve been reading, or otherwise sharing. Every entry must be registered with a separate comment or it doesn’t count. Giveaway runs til next Thursday 12 December at midnight, and as I’m posting the prize is UK only. So, have you had a good reading week?

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  1. Oh, I don’t know; I thought undistracted time chatting to my kids and my friends was a pretty good side effect of no internet 😉 Oh, and I crocheted lots. We used to cope okay. Did you see the list of camps asilon drew up? There have been 24 altogether (I had done 19 of them) and I don’t think we even had twitter on SMS until we’d done about 10 of them 😉

  2. The Smartest Giant in Town – as I read it every night lol.
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