Saturday snippets 30 November 2013

{Planning} for a holiday.
{Shopping} for a holiday.
{Packing} for a holiday. Are you spotting a theme? We’re going on holiday. Well, me and the children are. Which means I had to shop for Tim at home as well as us away. There are other aspects to this holiday which I can’t discuss as they’re secret but they were happening to.
{Watching} empire strikes back. I know I’ve seen it before but the first half hour really is eminently forgettable isn’t it.


{Snapshots} Big has 2 200m times after competing in winter league tonight, Small did a fantastic animation with his Zu3D dinosaurs in space kit (if you are looking for a present I highly recommend this). Smallest is not, I think, getting quite enough of my time as I cannot think of an achievement of hers this week. To be rectified. Tigerboy has discovered if he shouts Mam he gets me and that is good. (He also took a message to make me tea and that is a very good thing. )

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  1. i loved his shouting mam this week :) he is lovely x x

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