Saturday Snippets 23 November 2013

{driving} for hours to and from a birthday party.
{sitting} for what felt like hours in the toddler area of the soft play. It was actually 90 minutes. The children really enjoyed it. I didn’t. I didn’t get to talk to anyone else more than hello and goodbye and yes please to pizza, and there were lots of unpleasant children not part of the party to deal with.
{musing} on why soft play places are so horrid.
{watching} Doctor Who. (And thinking that that really was rather a cop out. But as this is a spoiler free blog, I’ll leave the comments there.
{reading} feminist aspie blog and thinking it is really rather wonderful.
{eating} freezer food. Did you know Lidl wedges go rather well with bolognese and a slightly sad pack of salad?


{snapshots} Big did a fabulous job of making birthday presents, and Small made a really good attempt at the Primary Maths Challenge this week. Smallest made a beautiful thank you card completely unprompted (which I just remembered we forgot to take today, oops) and Tigerboy mastered ladders on to a climbing frame on the Little Tikes play date, as well as adding a sign for food to his repertoire.

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  1. The party experience sounds horrid, hope you have recovered x

  2. Awww, thank you so much!!! :D

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