Hosting a #SomethingSpecialParty

A very exciting box arrived a few days ago. A very large, very spotty box.

The children were besides themselves. Particularly Tigerboy, who met some Mr Tumble toys at Christmas in July, and was very taken with them.

Yes – in association with UKMums.TV I’m a Something Special Party host! Fear not, twitter followers, most of my party is in real life, although I do hope to be sharing a few pictures as we go. We’ve got games, competitions, cakes and of course, spotty jelly, so I know what I’m going to be doing tomorrow – some preparation!

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I’m thinking little sandwiches, decorating cakes, maybe a pineapple hedgehog, and of course some mini hotdogs. I might even make a Mr Tumble pizza (instructions) And then I need to clear space in the living room so we can play pass the parcel, stick the nose on Mr Tumble, maybe do some colouring, and probably some dancing. Seems only reasonable.

And while I’m doing all of that, if you aren’t lucky enough to be attending one of the parties in real life, you can follow the fun and games on twitter by following UKMumsTV and using the #SomethingSpecialParty tag. There will be lots of giveaways and so on, and the party takes place between 4 and 6 this Thursday 12th September. Will you be dressing up?

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