The beach with added Miffy

Yesterday I packed up the entire contents of the house and dragged them down the road to the beach for a couple of hours, then dragged them home again.

That’s what it felt like anyway. It occurred to me that I carried less stuff when I was interrailing for a month than I do for a quick trip out for the afternoon when children. So we had buggy (intended for three year old but inhabited by Tigerboy), wrap (in case he got evicted), spare nappies, towel, snacks, water bottles, beach shelter, hats, sun lotion, rug and of course, buckets and spades.

Miffy beach set


Possibly. (I also had one of those back rest chairs, a Kindle and a couple of blue books in case I had time to either read or write. I am an optimist at times. They all went unused.  )


But we had a great time. We stopped on the way down and bought a £1 pack of chocolate icecream lollies, and yet another sunhat. One day I will find one that Tigerboy will tolerate. Smallest had great fun with the Miffy set, particularly when she discovered she could fill Miffy’s head up with sand. They are good sturdy toys and will give us lots of hours of play value I expect.

Now, what I could do with for review is one of those chunky wheeled trailers. Radio flyer out some such? That would make tackling the beach so much easier, don’t you think?

Disclosure. The Miffy beach set was received for review and can be bought from their online shop for £7.

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  1. I NEED That Miffy set – for me of course 😉

    Oh and H too… where did you get it? It’s ACE!

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Added a link to the post – can’t believe I’d forgotten, sorry! You can get it from their shop, for a very reasonable £7.

  2. Not overkill at all. Very sensible. I can’t believe Tigerboy is so big now. I’ll bet he was a lot cooler in the buggy. I’ve not been using wraps or my SSC in this heat. We can just about handle the ring sling and that’s it. I should take Talitha down to the beach. Hasn’t even crossed my mind. Just been hiding from the heat.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Today I carried him to the leisure centre while Smallest rode in the buggy. We nearly melted. He was actually panting. She walked home so he got to ride, which was much more pleasant.

  3. we went away for the weekend and i felt the same. where as before kids i would have fitted everything needed for a weekend away in my handbag, i now fill the boot of our car!

  4. If I am out walking somewhere on my own without sling/buggy/changebag/random-associated-crap these days I feel oddly light and disconnected, as if gravity is somehow letting me off the hook for the day… Nice bucket and spade…

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Thanks. I went out last Saturday evening to a swim gala with only Big. I didn’t have to take a changing bag or small child and I spent the evening convinced I’d lost something…

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