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I had the loveliest email this morning from a long standing blog reader it appears I met last week without either of us realising who the other was. It’s an odd thing about kentwell, you tend to go by your participant name even after hours so you can meet people without getting to know who they are.

Anyway, thank you for the email. I will reply.

Today was kentwell home educators day. There were supposed to be 250, I think nearly every one came into the barn school. I hope they enjoyed it, it was a full on day from my side. I was a little confused by the visitor who refused to let her son come in on the grounds that she won’t let him in a school in modern times and wouldn’t in the past either.

Education is a privilege not granted to all. The state system as we have it now is to a large extent based around indoctrination and control. (Look up dumbing us down for further information. ) A barn or hedge school in tudor times, open for a few weeks each summer between planting and harvest, gave children the absolute basics of numeracy and literacy and a real chance to improve their prospects. There are children in the world today, far too many of them, that don’t get that chance.

Just something to think on.

(This weekend is the end of the great annual recreation. If you want to meet the tudors grab the chance. )

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  1. I am a little frustrated by these bits of information when I want to know so much more about it all. Would you consider writing the book – lots of pictures and how it all works? Not just a history book about how the Tudors live but also how the whole Kentwell thing works. I’ll buy it I promise. It could also be a handbook for others wanting to re-enact other times and places – even for one day events or weekends.

  2. Just wanted to say, would have loved to come to the home ed day but couldn’t, as we already had tickets for Bekah’s school play. If they decide to do a home-ed day next year, can you get them to advertise the date earlier? Have followed your fun over the past years and so want to see it once!
    (Guess we could come any day just to see..)

    • Jax Blunt says:

      The day went well and will hopefully be repeated, I’ll certainly feed that back. The bonus of going on a week day in that costume for visiting children is encouraged, while on a weekend there’s lots of visitors in civvies.

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