Sometimes I forget the important things

And I need a little reminder. Today we were sent a WeekendBoxClub box for review and knowing that I’m away this weekend, I thought I’d get started on it straight away.

I’d forgotten how lovely it is to spend one to one time with Smallest, focusing on her and just doing something for her. I often read, or have her drawing while I’m working, but I don’t often work alongside her. And today I did. We made pom pom animals.


The kit was fabulous. It contained everything needed except scissors. (And even I can find scissors. ) which meant there were no delays or excuses, we could just get stuck in. And we did. I don’t think it took the full 30 minutes allotted (I do like that the cards have this level of detail on them. )

The whole box is very carefully thought out, from the minimal packaging, recyclable wherever possible, to the colour coded envelopes to go with each activity. At £10 for a one off box it might seem a little pricey but that’s a set of 5 activities, creative, educational and environmentally aware, and paying for the convenience of knowing you’ve got pretty much everything to hand seems a good deal to me. The subscription model offers much better value though.

Do take a look at the website, WeekendBoxClub and if you want to try it out, use the discount code WBJAX and do pop by to let me know how you get on.

After we’d done the pom poms, I did make the carrot soup as well, it was rather nice, if a bit spicier than I expected.


(Yes, that picture was part of an ad campaign. That’s my homemade carrot soup 🙂 )

What, if anything have you learnt or remembered today?

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  1. Love the sheep.

  2. I ordered a one off box for a friends sons birthday, no option to put in the discount code but I put you in as where we came from 🙂

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