Teabags, towel hooks and tank tops

For all I’ve been doing well in the tots ranking scores recently, it doesn’t seem to be translating into PRs beating my door down with exciting offers. Instead I’ve been getting the usual stream of offers of guest posts that I’m not interested in and occasional low value items.

Tea bags. I got sent tea bags. I asked for chai, thinking in terms of chai latte that you get in coffee shops. I got sweet chai, that tasted of licorice and Green chai that I don’t want to think about long enough to describe. Not a success. Not that I don’t like licorice, I do, but it’s not what I think of when I think of chai.

And then there were nano technology towel hooks. I don’t know how they’re nano tech, they just look like towel hooks to me. Yet to investigate how much weight they’ll hold.


I did get fabulous Bravado stuff. A feeding tank top which is just fantastic, lovely thick material and ever so comfortable, offering really good support. It’s standing up to repeated washing and wearing really well, which is good as I love wearing it and so it gets cycled round the wash regularly. The original bra that I was sent is a little more daring than I would have chosen, being leopard print. But it’s very comfortable and extremely practical, and I can completely see how a new mum could sleep in it. Again, it is standing up very well to repeated washing and wearing. I basically adore these products. And I love that they come with a conversion kit, so when you’re done feeding you can go on wearing.

Pictures to follow tomorrow. Too tired now.

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  1. Julian-Ray says:

    I have two of Bravado’s bras (one white, one leopard print) which I bought when Mr Bounce was not quite two and am still wearing them some of the time now five years later and long after the point he stopped feeding.

  2. Prs aren’t beating my door down either

    Your blog is great xx

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