Saturday snippets 18 May 2013

{coding} a fix for a plugin. More of a hack than a code. PHP developers of the world, it’s not wussy to comment your code. One day when you return to something you wrote a couple of years ago you’ll understand why it’s a good idea.
{reading} Playing Tyler.
{contemplating} removing all the Amazon affiliate links from this site and replacing them with Hive links. (You can buy from independent bookstores online. How cool is that? Not as if I actually make anything much from the amazon stuff. Pennies per month if that.)
{feeling} better than yesterday but sad that I haven’t been well enough to run this week. Might try a short run tomorrow. Longest time I’ve missed since I restarted in March.
{watching} Inkheart as our family film night choice. Huge resistance from Small at the choice – he wanted to watch another Star Trek movie. But once we got into it he really enjoyed it. And I want to read the books – the language in the read aloud sections, which I’m hoping were real quotes, was fabulous.
{not missing} Eurovision. Don’t get it. Sorry.
{eating} spag bol and thinking I really need to liven up our menu choices a bit.


{snapshots} Big ordered herself some fab clothes for Cybher, she looks really grown up in the chosen dress. Small has spent most of the week reviewing a new online game site for children, Wizard 101. He seems to be very much enjoying it. Smallest didn’t have her vaccinations (the doctors’ had run out??) but we did have a very nice outing, and Tigerboy has cracked walking, discovering it means he can carry things and reach higher. He’s ever so pleased with himself.
We’ve had a fabulous business project to work on this week, and it’s stretched my communication skills as well as my technical abilities – it’s been tiring but hopefully positive.

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  1. Sounds like a good week except for the running. I used to love the Eurovision but it’s gone so downhill over the past 15 years that I don’t even bother to listen to the results the next morning.

  2. Hey brilliant blog. will come back for more read.

  3. Inkheart’s a good film and matches up well with the book. We enjoyed both.

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