Walkers Hoops and Crosses – sponsored review.

Home educating four children means that from time to time we Go Out. On days out I have to do packed lunches for 4no 5 people now. That means two types of bread, three types of fillings, and assorted snacks. Finding snacks that everyone will eat is challenging enough, so I’m always on the hunt for something new.

Getting to try out something new *and* getting paid to do so? Bonus.

Getting it in a cool parcel with other stuff as well? Fantastic!

Tigerboy couldn’t wait to get in on the action:

56% wholewheat

I like this book. It’s got holes in it. And monkeys.

baby with cuddly toy monkey

A monkey too – I’m very happy now

hoops and crosses taste test

Carefully considering the flavour

the actual food

the actual food

And now for the science bit:

The snacks are baked rather than fried, and are apparently vegetarian, though there is nothing on the pack to say this. Which seems odd, as certainly when I was veggie I’d have put them back without that on pack. They are 56% wholegrain, which means in an 18g pack you’re getting 1.1g of fibre. That sounds like quiet a lot to me, though it’s not something I take all that much notice of.

In terms of calories, there’s 85kcal in a pack, and 0.27g Salt. I thought these things had to give the sodium level? Shows how often 1) I buy crisps 2) actually read the pack.

Flavour wise, I thought they were rather strongly flavoured, and was quite surprised that Small liked them. His tastes have changed quite drastically over the last year or so though. I let Tigerboy try one and he liked it – he doesn’t get that kind of snack though, he’s far too young for it. And Smallest wasn’t interested – she’s a fruit and chocolate kind of girl. Which is fine by me.

All in all, the response to the snack was rather more positive than I had expected.

If every pack came with a monkey I’d definitely be buying them. Without the monkey though? Probably not. You can find out more at Walkers Hoops and Crosses if you’re so inclined.

Disclosure: The snack and pack were sent and this post is sponsored. Opinions remain mine. And the children’s.

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  1. We reviewed, liked but also commented how very strongly flavoured they were. Aimed at children brought up on crisps with diets more lacking in fibre than our wee ones no doubt.

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