Saturday snippets 16 march 2013

{Thinking} it should have been Tigerboy’s birthday yesterday. Boy in a hurry is a year and ten days and I’m still confused about it.
{Watching} colour of magic. Excellent films (there are two on the DVD) probably easier if you’ve read them first. I had Rincewind down as younger, but David Jason is, as always, superlative in the part. Great family film night choice.
{Eating} meat, meat and more meat. BBQ ribs, crispy duck. Yum. Easy meal for me tonight.
{Reading} insurgent.
{Feeling} somewhat adrift. But working on it. Day 1.

I think Big has just about shaken off her nasty cold, she’s been under the weather for over a week. Small has reacquainted himself with Scratch and I’m pondering a raspberry pi. Smallest appears to be learning her letters pretty much effortlessly and Tigerboy has developed climbing as his skill of the week.

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  1. I love your Day 1 plan, I must try it. Love the Terry Pratchett Sky adaptations too, have all three on DVD. The books are best of course 😉

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