Do you know what this is?


It’s a missing dsi. Except it’s fairly obviously not missing. I found it while looking for a missing purse. (Which currently is missing. More on that later. )

Small told me that he had given me the dsi at centerparcs and I’d said I would look after it. I had no recollection of this. Couldn’t visualise it at all. And given that we ran out in a hurry could only imagine it had been left tucked away somewhere because I hadn’t gone back to do my final check.

Instead it would appear that it came back in one of his bags, was unpacked by him, shoved on the floor next to his bed and then forgotten about.

I have been feeling so guilty about this. I even sat in the car on the way back from shopping the other day and cried because I’d let him down again and I couldn’t think how I could have been so stupid. I’ve covered twitter in tweets searching for it, and all the time it was in his bedroom.

I’m incredibly relieved. And just a little bit cross.

Now all I have to do is repeat the trick to find the missing purse which contains all the money Big saved up for the camera I bought last night on ebay.

You couldn’t make it up.

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  1. Oh no. That sounds like me. I am forever losing things. I am that person who can lose the sellotape halfway through wrapping a present, spend twenty mins looking for it, then realise I was sat on it all along!

    Hope you find the purse. X

  2. Oh – great stuff that it’s found! Fingers crossed for the purse.

  3. Glad it has been found. Fingers crossed you find the missing purse.

  4. Oh bless you! At least one thing is found, good luck finding the other. It’ll be in the last place you look!
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