Saturday snippets 26th january 2013

{Watching} MegamindSurprisingly successful, I was expecting Small to say he liked it, but taken aback when Tim said he enjoyed it too. Definitely a good family film night choice.
{Reading} still life after life. Didn’t realise I’ve been trying to read it for a week. May have to pause and read a couple of other things.
{Eating} toad in the hole, hole without toads. And I had homemade Lentil soup for lunch. Thrifty domestic goddess, that’s me.
{Fighting} and Google+. They don’t seem to be overly compatible. It is giving me lots of material for technology solved. But eating all the time I should be writing on it!
{Enjoying} watching the green shoots poking through in the garden.
{Hoping} it will keep getting warmer.


Big made contact on twitter with other teen bloggers, and may be going to work with them, Small had a breakthrough in chores understanding when he discovered that he could do several in a day and still have hours of time left for enjoyment. Smallest has had two successful days out of nappies, and Tigerboy is recovering well from his first chest infection. I finally have a child who takes medicine cheerfully.

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  1. Sad to say that a week involving a day in bed ill has indeed been better than preceding holiday!

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