Soft play.

I don’t really like soft play places. They are generally loud, cold and overpriced. But today I had limited choices, I could have driven an extra half hour and been at home for 90 minutes, or I could spend two hours in soft play with the younger children.

I decided to think of it as an educational outing for them. It’s not that often Smallest gets to socialise with unknown small people. She’s a bit fearful of climbing and sliding. And usually I try not to go into the play place bit, but today I took Tigerboy in too, and do you know what? It was good.

I didn’t have a whizzy phone with me, so I couldn’t hide online. I also couldn’t take particularly nice pics, which was rather irritating. Knowing that the visit was limited helped I think, and Smallest was oh so happy to be there. She loved the treat, explored everything, even tried the slides if I held her hand. She was lovely with the various babies that were there and made friends with a little boy who kept screaming with excitement and it was all good.

Tigerboy loved it. I can see that he is going to be all over that kind of place just as soon as he figures out walking. (I’m surprised he hasn’t already. He’s been standing for months. Cruises well, just won’t walk. Odd. ) he liked the bouncy seesaw and enjoyed the variety of balls and even enjoyed the tin of mush I had to buy him (none of your own food allowed).

If I dwelt on the noise, or the cost, or the pinkness of the environment I would have had an awful day. But as I’m choosing to cherish the smiles, actually, it was fun.

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  1. I also avoid those places but, as long as you go off season the children do enjoy them. Glad yours had a good time.
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…Israel Election Day 2013My Profile

  2. I never liked soft play and only took Amy a few times because she wasn’t over keen either. The noise and the fact other kids were too boisterous put her off. Then a kid’s mother was really rude to me when Amy bombed down a slide and accidentally bumped into her child at the bottom – told me my daughter shouldn’t be in a place like this. Put me off for life!
    Crystal Jigsaw recently posted…Bullies and IceMy Profile

  3. Glad you found it a positive experience overall. I recall them being quite loud from when I was little.
    Mrs Teepot recently posted…Let’s do 52: This Makes Me LaughMy Profile

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