Flu, envelopes and ideas.

Today I’ve mainly had flu. I’d have certainly called it flu pre children and I’d have retired to bed, probably for several days. As it was I managed a four hour nap and that was enough to stop my skin hurting. Have you ever had that? Where it feels like your entire body is sensitive? Not fun. During the nap my temperature settled itself down so apart from needing to sit down a lot I managed the evening reasonably well.

So then I added some affiliate links to the sidebar in a slightly more concerted effort to earn money from this lovely space (feel free to investigate edplace and sverve, I’ll be blogging about then properly when I feel better) and dallied on g+ a little. I still don’t quite get it, but it’s ok.

Oh, and I set up a new budgeting system and blogged it.

You know, that’s not a bad amount of stuff to achieve when you’re feeling like I’m feeling. If only I had the physical energy to deal with all the ideas bouncing round my head I’d be sorted.

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  1. Oh no, hope you feel better soon, the boys are suffering with something flu-like too, horrid! xx
    Vita recently posted…Goriami CacciatoreMy Profile

  2. Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon x
    Hannah@HomeBaked recently posted…MietteMy Profile

  3. Oh no. I hope you feel better soon, sending healthy vibes your way

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