A movie, a book, some time in the pool.

The movie: Hop. Better than you’d expect, not actually good enough to watch three times back to back unless you’re a three year old with screen withdrawal.
The book: finally finished How To Be a Woman, Completely failing to identify with the experiences described, though some conclusions on abortion chime with my gut feeling. The most sense is in the postscript I think, shame I had to wade through nearly 300 pages to get to it. I would very much value input from other readers of it, am I really just a humourless non feminine creature because I don’t have piles of unworn shoes and buy a new handbag regularly? (I’m sure I do own a handbag. I haven’t seen it recently. I bought it from Clare’s accessories because I liked the peace signs on it. ) I agree with the second to last sentence. Not bothered about my hair, as long as it’s clean and out of my eyes.

And the pool. Tigerboy likes it. All is good.

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  1. I read ‘how to be a woman’ some time ago, I did’nt find it particularly funny or interesting thb. It was very hyped up :/

  2. I purge my shoes regularly although here’s not much to purge. I have one pair for everyday (boots) and one for best in the winter and about four pairs of sandals for the summer. I admit there are also three pairs of shoes I’d like to wear but they’re not very comfortable and I can’t bear to chuck them. Handbags? One winter, one summer, one evening, one small – and the backpack that I use mostly negating the need to for a handbag altogether.
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  3. Interesting that you also weren’t too impressed by Moran’s book. I thought a very similar opinion thinking that although it was well written, what it said was misleading. However, I know that lots of other (younger than me) bloggers loved it which I don’t really get. Perhaps it’s an age thing?… Anyway, just wanted to say that I was glad to see someone else who wasn’t quite taken with it as seems to be the way on BlogWorld right now.
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