A major achievement today: all ready for swimming lesson on time. Early even. A whole week early in fact. Fortunately something niggled at me before we left the house and I fought with the new phone menu thing at the leisure centre (8 options before you get to speak to someone? Seriously?!) Twice in fact, because the first time I chose swimming academy and instead of having a message saying we’re closed it rang out and then went to an answerphone. Eventually though I spoke to a person and discovered the lessons don’t start till next week. So we stopped running around, got Tigerboy out of his car seat and had another quiet day at home.

We’re considering putting the tree away. To the extent that the boxes are now in the hall. I know it isn’t the traditional time yet, but having two small people conspiring to spread decorations far and wide is wearing thin. And I want to sort the living room out but having a tree in the corner is distracting me. It’s coming down tomorrow.

The chore wall is working well for us now. Small required an adaptation, I put his assigned chores under his name but low down and when he’s done them he moves them up. He isn’t anxious or stressed about how much is enough and he is cheerfully complying with requirements. This leaves the rest of us free to continue to just do what needs to be done at whatever level we are comfortable with on a given day. Will continue to work on small to realise he can do more if he has time/energy.

And I’m quietly pre disposing of things. I’ve got two sacks for charity in the corner of my room and I’m sneaking stuff into them. Worn out clothes go to the rspca shop, they sell rags and fund the local shelter with them. Everything else is split between charities that put something back into the local community. I buy from other shops, but I like to feel that I’m not just exporting my contribution, that something stays in the near environment.

And finally, tonight was pizza night. Even smallest enjoyed it, which was a result. And I read books to her at bedtime and then she happily went to sleep. Thank you for that Otto and little grey donkey.

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  1. That sounds like a good day. I cannot imagine how much stuff you must have as every time you talk about de-cluttering you have sacks full of things to go out. The telling think is in the use of the word ‘sacks’ as I measure my de-cluttering in shopping bags and, believe me, I am no minimalist.
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…A Heavy New YearMy Profile

    • There are six of us. And I have lots of friends with lots of children who give us hand me down clothing. And we get a fair bit of stuff to review, particularly books. Then there’s the slightly overwhelming generosity of my family at Christmas. All does indeed add up to sacks that need to leave the house. Apart from books I’d quite like to be a minimalist.

  2. It all sounds very organised over your end! Kudos!
    Mrs Teepot recently posted…On FearMy Profile

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