Seconds out, round two.

Actually no. Round two happens sometime next week when I load up the children and head to Yorkshire to see my side of the family. Today was our more relaxed day with Tim’s family, not that yesterday was stressful, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

Today was the vegetarian option lunch (think I’ll always be a slightly surprised non vegetarian somehow) and playing Big’s Harry Potter Scene It game in the afternoon. My team won 😉

Today was Small learning to fly his rc helicopter, right up until the crash where a piece went missing 🙁 it’s always the way, I think, that something has to break or disappear on Boxing Day.

Today was tired children needing screen time to decompress in the evening, but surprisingly few raised voices or tantrums.

Today is Smallest asleep by half past ten!
Today was lovely. I have enjoyed it. I hope you are all still enjoying your Christmases too.


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