Quick test on blogging from HTC One X

When I do phone reviews, I have a number of little tests I like to do. One of them is blogging from it. Right at the moment I’m trying google voice input which is surprisingly good. Can’t work out how you delete though.

Now I’ve found the Swype equivalent. It’s called HTC trace and is in the keyboard settings. Big is also reviewing this for her new tech blog, don’t expect she’s going to be desperately happy I’ve turned it on 😉

Last thing to test is the camera.

Doing all right in a tough light setting.

Full comparative review to follow on technology solved.

Disclosure: phone is on loan from three for the purpose of review.

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  1. I have the HTC One X and I love it. DH has just got an iphone and having played with it I can honestly say I much prefer my HTC, far easier to use, better keyboard etc etc.

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