All terrain kart review.

It’s great having big kids. But very often the things I’m offered for review are for small children. So when I was offered a all terrain kart for older offspring I leapt at the chance.

There was some assembly required. I was impressed that it came with its own tools though, no messing about trying to find the right spanner in the garage. I would recommend adult supervision to ensure everything is attached as securely as possible, you aren’t going to want any bits falling off when in use.


A real team effort. Though obviously counting and stacking wheels is a one person job.

When it comes down to testing it out, given that we’re a bit lacking in hills, it was a one boy power engine in action.


Big is not a small 12 year old. In fact she’s easily the size of most 14 year olds. The cart is easily big enough and sturdy enough for her, there was much happiness.

This is a great, well engineered piece of kit that I foresee us getting years and years of use out of, and I can’t think many children would be disappointed to find it under the tree on Christmas morning. It isn’t cheap, but I think your children would get a lot of play value out of it, and it’s great to find something to encourage older children to get outside and actually play.

Disclosure: this go kart was sent free of cost for review. We’re very grateful.

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  1. That looks fab 🙂

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