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Sometimes it takes a comment from someone else to get you to notice what is right there in front of you. And yesterday exactly that happened. Various people at camp were felting, dry felting where you have fibres and a needle, and stab the needle into the fibres to make them felt together and make a shape. I hadn’t even considered trying it with Smallest; she’s only just three and the needles are very sharp.

But it was pointed out to me that she really wanted to try, and there was a back carrier handy to pop Tigerboy in, so we did give it a go. Turned out she was fab at it, made two shapes with very little assistance and without stabbing herself even once. Then she wandered off and I got to do one for myself too, bonus. I love felting, but don’t have the kit, the time, the money or the storage space for yet another yarn related hobby, so camp is the only time I’m going to get to try.

More important though was looking at my little girl and remembering that she is a whole person in her own right, and that she deserves all the chances and opportunities that I can find for her, just the same as her big siblings got and still get. So if I bring anything special back from camp with me, it’s fresh eyes to see my younger daughter with.

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  1. what a great and positve thing to bring back jax 🙂 . i have some felt and cutters here, so perhaps as part of christmas crafting we can do some more ? i loved seeing soa so excited by it, and you also looked really happy 🙂 . I find crafting with kids good for my soul. sometimes it is so easy to be swept up in all the things you need to do, and yet even 30 mins of alongside crafting revitalises you 🙂 [tho i try and do it for much longer – lol! it is my version of basketweaving]

    perhaps for history you could reg bring a map thingfor the older ones, but also something small you would enjoy doing specifically with soa, and then no doubt afish and bb would join in?

  2. Oh jax, that made me well up. I’m so pleased. And it was lovely to see you enjoying doing something with her, it was the most relaxed I’d seen you in ages.
    Merry recently posted…Looking aheadMy Profile

  3. From what I could tell in our brief meeting I thought she was a smart cookie! It’s a shame Isabel was at nursery because I think they’d have really hit it off 🙂
    Jem recently posted…Self-employment 6 months on: the good, the bad & the uglyMy Profile

  4. Made me well up too, am so glad our commual nudge was a nudge in a positive direction xxx and there is always felting stuff here, come felt with us any time!

  5. How lovely. I got that nudge that my 4yo ia person in her own right this week when her birthday cards arrived in the post addressed to her – and for the first time I realised that I can’t just open all her post.
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…The Candles Of PraiseMy Profile

  6. *Makes mental note to do more crafting with own Smallest*
    Katy recently posted…Protected: HE report draftMy Profile

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