Extreme socializing.

Those of you who follow me on twitter will have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet this week. That’s because, as I mentioned previously, I’m in a youth hostel at the far side of the country. We’re with a number of other home educating families, indulging in a pre Christmas tradition. You could call it Christmas camp. I like to refer to it as extreme socializing.

One of the questions levelled at home educators is what about socialization? The answer should be, well, what about it? Here this week we’ve had children ranging from baby to teen. Families with a variety of backgrounds. Some with two parents here, some like me, rather more outnumbered by their offspring. And the children pretty much all rub along together. I’m not going to claim it’s perfect, there are of course spats and flounces, but generally it goes fairly well.

They do clump together in rough age groups, but there’s overlap and fluidity, depending on activities at any given time. Today many of the children crafted for a while, and their parents for even longer 😉

I do wish that I didn’t have to drive three and a half hours for the experience, and I’m personally rather overwhelmed by five days of communal living, but Big seems to have thrived on it this year more than ever, so I guess this is the way we go on, until they’re old enough to set up their own group holiday, in about six years or so…

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  1. Good topic to bring up Jax. It’s always weird when people go on about ‘socailisation’ among home educating families because anyone would think that the social interaction in school is ideal and kids miss out if they don’t go. But it isn’t ideal and it isn’t exactly normal in comparison to real society and what you’ve just described, as all the gatherings of home schoolers we went to, demonstrate a far more healthier example of social interaction I think than schools do!
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  2. C missed it a lot. Think she would be amongst the first to sign up in six years’ time!

    • Big wanted to Skype with her from there, but there was next to no signal. Free wifi only in parent’s room. Didn’t think to suggest they took it over for a bit.

  3. lovely to have you there this year 🙂 and we def missed you too Michelle, as we did other families that didnt make it this year. the kids are great kids 🙂 and we adults make great tea and cake 🙂 🙂

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