Swimming, pizza and added chaos.

Thursday is swimming day and pizza night. Before the first trip to the swimming pool I’d done two business phone calls and sold a website, so I was feeling quite pleased with myself. Just as well Big came down to the pool with me, as it meant she was there to collect smallest while I was nappy changing tigerboy. That’s the second week running she’s bailed part way through her lesson, and I’m beginning to feel a worrying sense of deja vu to the last time I went through this with a three year old.

Anyway, short lesson meant a quick trip to lidl before lunch, where I was pleased to discover our preferred coffee on offer at 3.99 for 200g. I was less pleased when it was rung through at full price and took nearly ten minutes to sort out 🙁 anyway, if you’re kenco rich fans you might want to check it out.

Home, where I finally remembered that eating is good for me. And cracked through my todo list like a good ‘un, though I am sadly finding I’m adding items faster than I’m removing them. Scored major brownie points with Big by getting her a kindle version of the sequel to her favourite book of the year for review, but failed to make the second round of the book blogger competition I entered at the weekend. Actually really sad about that. Would love to be paid to blog about books, and winning an iPad is the only way I’m ever going to have one. Just too far down the priority list otherwise.

Evening, and Tim did the evening swim run while I took half an hour off as the bread machine made pizza dough and I fed tigerboy in front of the television. Then pizza time and a very ranty evening as I tried to persuade children to go to bed at a reasonable time. Given that three out of four of them are still awake I’m not doing very well with that.

Also had a long conversation with small as to why saving all his dirty clothes up for a week then putting them in the wash together made me angry. (thought I was keeping on top of the washing this week. So wrong it would seem.)

And so to bed. Maybe at some point to sleep?

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  1. Well done for selling a website. Hope you’re on a roll with this.
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…The Plot ResolvedMy Profile

  2. I saw an ipad for sale today £99 – Asda I think X
    Anya fom Older Single Mum recently posted…The RAA and a Revelation!My Profile

  3. Nope, might not have been. Def saw it somewhere today tho X
    Anya fom Older Single Mum recently posted…The RAA and a Revelation!My Profile

  4. Giggling here about the laundry conversation! Daniel piles his dirty stuff in his bedroom until he has run out of clean clothes, and then wonders why he has nothing to wear. Do we despair? Mind you, his Dad doesn’t do too well at putting dirty things in the basket either (I tend to pick up after him, as we share a bedroom, LOL)

  5. Conversation I had with C a few days ago. “Mummy I’ve got no clean trousers.” “That’s because you put all your clothes into the wash at the same time.” “But that was a week ago.” Various things the full-time working, tumble drier shunning mother of three (including a not reliably dry at night boy ) could answer to that one…

    • The tumble drier shunning is a bit of a pain at times isn’t it?

      • In principle I shun the tumbled dryer too, but in practice I use it when needs must – like tonight when I have 3 filthy coats to wash & dry before they get worn again tomorrow. We had a freegle dryer for a while, and when it died I either needed to go out and buy double the number of clothes for each child, or a new dryer. The latter won!
        Particularly after reading research which suggested drying loads of laundry in the house on radiators etc is bad for your health…

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