A bridge of books.

I have always loved books and reading. As a child, whenever we went out as a family, I would take a book with me, or could be found hidden away with a book I’d borrowed from the shelves of wherever we were. It should be no surprise then, that when I first had children, what I did was read to them. I was ill equipped though, without any lovely board books or picture books, so the first book my baby daughter heard was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. She seemed to like it – and is still a fan, nearly 13 years on.

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  1. lovely post jax 🙂

  2. Gosh, A Rag, A Bone and A Hank of Hair, had forgotten that one! (adds to list of books I need to see if the library has…..)

    Lovely post Jax. I’m enjoying Aprilia’s recent stride forward into books we can both really enjoy too, it’s a lovely way to share time.

  3. One I have read recently that I really loved was called Divergence. Not sure if it was intended to be youth but I think it would fit the bill for you of raising some really interesting points. There is a second one in the series is just as good. Lovely post, I wish my boys would read something I could manage to get enthused about 🙂

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