Productivity and how not to do it.

I have, as has been mentioned many times before, a todo list problem. My todo list is out of control. If I’m catching up online with blogposts and networking, then the washing up remains unwashed, and the washing wet in the basket. If the children are being educated (as of course they are, daily) then the shopping is unshopped and so on.

This is because there’s only one of me. It’s also because of twitter and computers.

Computers make our lives easier. Actually, in this household, they make our lives possible. Dp works on computers, he sells websites. I blog, not quite for a living, but it certainly brings in a fair few goodies we otherwise couldn’t afford. Small is currently on Club penguin. And Smallest is currently using the Wii on the media centre that is our means of watching TV as well as playing games.

So it’s kind of important that our computers are in good working order. Most of the time this means me pleading to Dp that something needs a good kick up the backside – while I can do computer maintenance, I’d really rather not. It does occur to me that this isn’t necessarily the most cost effective way of doing things – having Dp crawling around on the floor fixing the media centre when he should be writing sites for small businesses probably doesn’t really work out financially. But I’ve never been completely convinced by software packages that promise they can solve all problems, and our experience with some anti virus packages is that they can be more painful than the viruses. Nevertheless, giving your computer a good MOT on a regular basis with a program to check stability etc probably isn’t such a bad idea, something like this maybe?

What I really need though, is something to give my brain a good going over. I don’t know what is the equivalent treatment for your thinking processes. I’m trying to improve my productivity skills, I read about how to put off procrastination, I try to compartmentalise my tasks and focus on them one at a time. And I fail. Mainly because I can’t help feeling that I might be missing out on something, what if someone offers something fabulous on twitter and I wasn’t there?

I need to work on focus. Maybe if I could clear enough space in my day to read zen habits I could help myself? Or maybe it’s as simple as not turning on twitter, just having one tab open at a time in my browser, allocating a little time to me as well as to all my tasks.

Or maybe I need to pay a housekeeper.

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  1. I have tried allowing myself, after a brief look at emails, fb, twitter and the blog in the morning, one hour at the end of the day to be a twit etc… The trouble is that one hour isn’t enough. A blog post can take 45 minutes to write, organise and post. If I give myself 2 hours that’s either mu whole evening gone or I end up going to bed far to late resulting in an unproductive day the next day. Social networks are as much work as having another child in the house I think.
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  2. Since I got a smart phone I have been aware of needing to be more in charge of my internet use. I leave my phone out of reach when I need to concentrate on other things. When doing one to one activities with the kids they are very clear that I’m not touching my phone while we work!

  3. If you find an answer, please let me know! I have exactly the same problem.

    At the moment, with three assignments due in by next week, I should be writing them and not commenting on this post, but…procrastination wins again!
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