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This is going to be a linen shift for Tigerboy for when we do the Grand Annual reenactment of Tudor life at Kentwell Hall this summer. I’ll write more about that shortly, but if you are within 50 miles or so of the place (or even a little further) I’d really really advise trying to visit. It’s fabulous. And the first two weeks you stand a chance of catching a glimpse of us.

This is not me. And it’s not actually a crafty activity. This is handcream with glitter added, and the idea is that one person starts of with their hand so dosed, and then goes about making normal contact with other ppl – high fives, handshakes, hugs – and you can see how many ppl they’ve touched, and track how a disease would progress. We’re doing the black death this week.

Making a rosary – this is Small, who decided to be awkward and picked the dark beads out of three of the cups Helen had set up with the right number of beads in. Our reenactment year this time is 1556, which is a Catholic year, so these rosaries, made of wooden beads and linen thread, may well be acceptable. Though we might replace the fimo cross, unless it’s decided they look enough like pottery 😉

And this is a plague ridden rat. Obviously.
Other activities included a kind of murder mystery trying to work out how the plague was transmitted, quick reenactment of the battle of agincourt, medieval music and worts for lunch. All ably hosted by the lovely Helen, in half a tudor outfit 😉

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  1. Talking of photos – there’s a good one of you and Tiger boy on The Mummy Life taken at Cybher. Have you seen it?

  2. Would you mind if I ask what exactly is that on your hand on the second picture? Being crafty huh? 🙂

  3. Did you notice how I didn’t relate to the post at all in my previous comment? That’s because I had no idea what it was all about. Now it’s all clear – thank you. I am so looking forward to the Tudor fortnight (reading about it from you that is, not going to it unfortunately).

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