Cybher, blogger bingo and I’ve got a little list.

So, this time next week I’ll be in that London, hopefully just finishing up dinner before getting an early night and lots of sleep before attending *the* blogging conference of the year, Cybher.

I’m a bit nervous.

This is kind of silly, as I’ve been to both cybermummy conferences, and really enjoyed them. But, I’m not actually all that good at big crowds. I’m awful at names and faces. I may or may not recognise ppl I’ve met before, and my chances of recognising ppl I’ve never met are minimal.

I want a blogger bingo card. With ppl’s pictures next to their twitter and blog name as well as their real name so I can keep track of who I’ve managed to met and who I’m still looking for. Because I don’t want to be on twitter the next day saying, you were there and I didn’t see you?

And I’ve started to build a twitter list of attendees. Please feel free to leave your twitter id in a comment so I can add you, and do follow the list so you can find everyone else. I’m also building a back up google+ circle in case twitter crashes, so feel free to give me that link, or comment on this post in g+, but I don’t think I can share a circle can I?

And how will you recognise me? I’ll be wearing clothes that give me easy access to my breasts, which I’ll be whipping out all over the place, because I’ll have the delectable 9 week old tigerboy with me. Yes, I’ll be the woman with a baby in a sling. And I’m shy, but I don’t bite, so please do say hi.


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  1. Hi I’ll be there. I’m @ericahughes on twitter.
    Erica Price recently posted…And Mammasaurus Came To StayMy Profile

  2. Can’t wait to see you and that beautiful little boy of yours!
    Sian recently posted…Dr Martens Rule OK!My Profile

  3. Will be super to meet you and baby! 🙂

    @superluckydi x
    Di Coke recently posted…IKEA & Yazoo Part II: The Name and ShameMy Profile

  4. First cuddle for me….

  5. I’ll be there too & won’t know a soul, but hopefully I will by the end 🙂 On Twitter I’m @TheHankerer
    Ruth recently posted…Mr Wolf & the TrianglesMy Profile

  6. Can’t wait for a cuddle!! Might give Tigerboy one too 🙂

  7. That bingo card sounds like a fab idea! I’ll follow that list- I’m @mariahlse and will be another baby laden lady getting her boobs out!
    Maria recently posted…Going potty part 1 : Bambino Mio Potty Training Kit reviewMy Profile

  8. A blogger bingo card would be great. I cannot wait to see you again and Tiger boy x
    Susan Mann recently posted…Chocolate Cake In A MugMy Profile

  9. Great idea. I am the same. Nightmare for recognising all the people I talk to on Twitter, facebook, blogs etc etc etc.

    I will though pounce on anybody with a baby ; ) xxx
    Karen Jones recently posted…Topsham Vintage and Homemade fairMy Profile

  10. If we recognise each other, I’m looking forward to meeting you. I too share anxieties about not recognising the people I ‘talk’ to every day, or getting them all mixed up.
    Ellen Arnison recently posted…Little rant: how Xbox LIVE will try to mug you in your own sitting roomMy Profile

  11. Youll recognise me.

    I’ll be the one shaking in the corner.

    I might have to borrow your baby for a hug

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