Best baby presents on a budget.

You may have noticed that recently I had a baby. Which means that I’ve been given lots of lovely new baby gifts, and also received a few to review. So here’s the first in a series of posts about baby presents, that I hope to complete over the next week or so. (Hollow laughter from anyone who reads here regularly and knows how astoundingly good I am at keeping to blogging schedules.)

This instalment is about the baby gifts that don’t cost vast amounts, but still say it all. So you could get a Mothercare Unisex Canvas set (currently on sale at £12) which is something that this time, I *am* actually going to do. In fact, I’ve taken it a step further, and I’ve got some canvas boards from the Works, and I’m going to do one with all their hands, and one with all their feet 🙂

A very lovely idea, and something a little bit different is the Journal 10+ – a ten year diary. Imagine if you actually managed to make an entry every day for ten years of your baby’s life? A bit more impressive than a baby journal, and it would be a fantastic keepsake. Needless to say, I haven’t…

Practical presents – muslins. I was fortunate to get two packs in fact, a large pack from Mothercare, and a smaller pack of organic ones from Bambino Mio. There’s no such thing as too many muslins, particularly if your baby goes in for regurgitation, as mine does, so these will always go down well.

And the best present of all that will cost you practically nothing? We were brought a meal. Cottage pie, cauliflower cheese and apple crumble – all ready to be reheated, saving us from having to think, shop or cook. Believe me, that’s a special baby present.

Disclosure – some of these items were given for the purpose of review. Some, however, were just gifts 🙂

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