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Recently two sets of friends of ours have downsized from houses, got rid of all their belongings and set out to live in vans. And a third set are working their way through everything, aiming for a similar journey next year. Surely, if they can manage to declutter and save up to undertake such a fabulous expedition, I can manage to get this house sorted so that it can be the way we want?

So, the challenge. To declutter and sell, barter and save our way to the money we need for the extension that will stop this house straining at the seams. We need, ideally, to lift the roof, and put in three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, to refit the current two toilets downstairs to be a shower room rather than a shower closet, and have stairs instead of a pull down ladder. But everything in that list costs money, from internal doors to the solar central heating system that I’d like to put in to support it.

But I’m sure we can do it. I’m minded to set up a countdown box and give myself a target of £10000 in the first instance, as that would give us the staircase that would mean we could use the loft efficiently as is. Really we’d need £30k to do the full job, but that amount makes my eyes water, so I think one step at a time is the way to go. But if Kirsty can save up and sell off 1000 items from her house, I’m sure there’s at least that many here that can go.

Anyone for some yarn? A book or three? Outgrown toys or clothes? Anything really! (Except the children. I think there’s a silly law against it isn’t there?)

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  1. antoinette . (@divasupermum) says:

    best of luck, sounds like a good plan, i am sure if you put your mind to it, it can be done.

  2. if it only required positivity to achieve your goal, you’d be there already. when you manage it, let me know how!
    Paula recently posted…PaulaMaher: @DaisyCottageIRL no booze in be had for me tonight. early shift in the morning.My Profile

  3. Sounds like a good goal & I’m sure you’ll make it happen x
    Susan Mann recently posted…The Funny Things My Children Say…My Profile

  4. Oh how exciting! We have *so* much crap in this house it is ridiculous. There’s cupboards full of stuff that I haven’t even opened in 6 months!

  5. Good luck! If something doesnt have a place stick it in a box with a purpose, share your eBay list with us and if you sell internationally! Have you done car boot or even better a ‘yard’ sale? And Freecycle your booty off as people pick up most things, you’re already ace at it. After another of your decluttering posts I kick started my process and then we moved and I’m seeing more ‘mess’ and aiming to create a more dream home in terms of spaces. It’s hard! Get the family to help x
    Maria recently posted…Sleeping heckMy Profile

    • My difficulty is keeping up with the amount of stuff that’s coming in, need to be more out than in, and at the moment nowhere near that!

  6. And yes for books- I have paypal!
    Maria recently posted…Sleeping heckMy Profile

  7. Best of luck! It took me having absolutely no choice to be able to actually do it, and then it was all very last minute!
    Pru recently posted…Sunset, sea, hillfort, geocaching. What more could you want?My Profile

  8. Good luck, I set myself the challenge of listing at least a couple of things a week on ebay towards the latter part of last year to declutter. Most of the things I put on were baby things that my youngest had out grown or not worn at all and we managed to get about £300 from that. Very handy before Christmas, Surprisingly some things sold for more than we paid for them!
    I still have some larger items to go, like cots etc but I may put them on gumtree first as it is free and if they don’t sell then try ebay… really enjoying the extra space freed up in the wardrobes 🙂
    camille recently posted…Chicken UpdateMy Profile

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