Back to a routine? History etc anyway

Yesterday evening we performed a minor miracle and I arrived at an intended destination for an overnight stay within half an hour of the time I wanted to. Well, it’s a miracle for me and mine anyway 😉 perhaps because I was less stressed, the children were happier than usual and the evening passed by without a single falling out, a not so minor miracle!

And today was history. Four families gathered, and two very new ppl got to meet each other. Was lovely to meet the newest puddle chick! Big was very happy to see Fran, and when Smallest got over the shock of a changed haircut, she was too.

History was about Marco Polo and Mongol hordes. We started with the children in a group taking it in turns to read aloud chapters of Marco Polo (Junior World Explorers). They then went on to draw their own maps and write about fabulous journeys, either real or imaginary.

Other activities included Mongol hats courtesy of the beans, rather excellent food from Zoe and magic tablets, fimo based, from Merry. (links and pictures to follow when I’m not phone based !) All the children had a fab day, and there were no arguments or tantrums, quite extraordinary when you consider that all of my offspring were so tired that they fell asleep on the car on the way home, something that nearly never happens any more.

There was also plenty of time for socialising for adults and children, and all in all, it was an excellent day, rounded off by a smooth journey home and a sneaky McDs for tea. Happiness all round.

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  1. Sounds great fun – looking forward to the photos.

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