I’m getting obsessed with weight.

My weight loss, Tigerboy’s weight gain. Not that I’ve been anywhere to have him weighed again, I’m just concentrating on feeding him as much as possible. Which makes doing anything else kind of difficult.

Today I haven’t even managed to get dressed. I’ve done computer games with smallest and crocheted her a bunny while feeding, so at least I’ve been a little productive, but overall I’ve sat in a chair so long I’ve got a numb backside.

This had all better count for something.

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  1. You have my sympathy Jax. The weight obsession with youngest was a complete nightmare, and it ended up with her going the opposite way, which is something I still have a big chip on my shoulder about. Something to be aware of xx
    Pru recently posted…The Law of SodMy Profile

  2. been off internet for a week, so just many hugs x x x
    HHaricot recently posted…planning aheadMy Profile

  3. Alison Sauer says:

    It’s a good thing you are doing Jax, the right thing. Other things will wait…… Big hugs

  4. Tis easy to think about weight when health professionals are so focused on it, I just stopped going to clinics, bought my own scales and weighed at home.
    Remember the days spent in pyjamas just feeding all day very well, its the best thing to do for your little man. I dont even know how I managed to get back to ‘normal’ with the others but this little boy was all-consuming for me. He just needed that constant feeding and attention.
    ((((hugs)))) it does get better.

  5. Alison Sauer says:

    Have sent you a very long mail with a thorough analysis and some ideas of cause and solutions.

    All the best


  6. hugs. Hoping for sudden growth spurt from TigerBoy to justify all this scoffing!
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