What I want today

Is a teacup that would beep at me to tell me when my tea is ready to drink.

Ok, it’s not what I really want. What I really want is not to be going to the hospital again tomorrow, not to be having to fight with health professionals over breastfeeding, not to be worrying about my beautiful little boy, or aching from sitting in bad chairs feeding for hours yesterday.

But a beeping tea cup would go someway to taking my mind of it all. What do you want today?

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  1. I want for everything to turn out ok for you xx
    Good luck lovely xxx

  2. Hmm, I want HP who have more empathy and a better idea of hat BF is actually about to see you today. And comfy chairs for you to sit on while you talk to them. Preferably with a perfect cup of tea to drink as well. Myself, I’d settle for just the perfect tea, as long as it gives me a bit of energy to get started on all the round the house jobs I should be doing…
    Katy recently posted…Protected: HE report draftMy Profile

  3. As Becki said, I want everything to be OK for you. Lots of hugs x
    Kelly Wiffin recently posted…Silent Sunday 1st April 2012My Profile

  4. I’m really hoping the jaundice clears soon and that the so-called ‘professionals’ bog off with the stopping breastfeeding comments (I was told I was, on no account, to breastfeed on some medication I was put on after having an accident when Nin was newborn – turned out to be balls when I checked with someone I knew who was a LLL counsellor, who checked with a GP friend of hers, who checked his big book thingy and found out that I could breastfeed on said medication. Sometimes, some doctors get it wrong).
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