Crisis of confidence.

Tell me I’m doing it right?

Tigerboy is feeding on demand. Sometimes it feels like he’s feeding round the clock. I do sometimes distract him – pop him in the wrap and go out for a walk for example, but mainly when he wants food he gets it.

He made his birth weight back in 5 days, and put on nearly 9 oz in the next week. However since then he’s only put on another 6 oz, making a pound gain since birth. And the jaundice, which disappeared entirely after a day in a sunny conservatory is today back with a vengeance. So today’s health visitor, after dispensing the third oral vitamin k dose, made us a hospital appt for this afternoon.

Aaargh. Tigerboy seems determined to do things differently. First early baby. First yellow baby. And now first baby with hospital referral. Tell me it’s all ok?

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  1. Elaine G-H says:

    It sounds like you’re doing everything you can. Sometimes our babies have difficulties and it’s not down to anything we did or didn’t do. My oldest never fed properly,lost weight and I had to resort to bottle feeding. I had no idea why and put it down to first baby and being inexperienced. It did not feel great. It was only many years later I found out that inside her nose she only had one nostril, the other never formed and was solid bone. Bottle feeding gave her more opportunity to take breaths, breastfeeding was too hard for her with her condition.

  2. Hope it goes okay Jax. There’s always something isn’t there?
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  3. I was born with jaundice and I am OK!

    I hope your lovely boy gets better soon. Lots of hugs x
    Kelly Wiffin recently posted…Silent Sunday 1st April 2012My Profile

  4. Getting him checked is the best way to make sure all is well. You may need to change your diet–add more eggs, etc… My kids were both born at 38 weeks, and both were jaundiced–and neither returned to their birth-weight till they were 9 weeks old (after 4 weeks of formula)–so you are doing fine. Hospital referrals are not a ‘failure’–be happy they are taking it seriously–no one can see inside him–so get the blood-work and see if all is ok. It’s not a judgement call on your parenting skills–it’s a medical treatment for a medical condition.

  5. I think you are doing everything right. Its always worth a check to be sure he is fine but honestly I am sure he is. Lucas came nearly a week early and was Jaundiced for nearly a month before he was fully back to the ‘right’ colour. Lucas did have the injection of vit K, no idea if that makes any real difference.
    As for the constant feeding I did nothing but feed for the first 12 weeks. Honestly! I didn’t even shower some days, I would just sit and feed him whenever he needed it. Other occasions I would stick him in the sling just to get a break from feeding.
    If it feels right to sling him then do that, If you want to do nothing but feed him then do that, just follow your instincts. You are doing fine!

  6. You’re his mummy, he is doing beautifully, go with instinct.

    northernmum recently posted…the day you leftMy Profile

  7. (((((HUGS))))))
    constant feeding is usually totally normal, weight gain which isn’t a steady, graph perfect line upwards is usually normal. Jaundice that hangs around for bit is often not a problem, but it never hurts to get things checked out, just incase xx
    mamacrow recently posted…Double, double, Toil and Trouble…My Profile

  8. Sounds like you’re doing great. Weight gain sounds fine. Jaundice obviously can need looking at, though it’s fairly common and usually disappears quite quick.
    Tasha Goddard recently posted…Guilty reading pleasuresMy Profile

  9. My little boy still had noticeable jaundice at 6 weeks, (and he was a summer baby!) but it went all on its own. I got told it was common in breastfed babies and as long as he was eating/pooing/gaining weight at whatever speed he was fine. I am sure Tigerboy will be fine x
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