Trapped under a bottomless pit.

Also known as a three week old baby. Yesterday and today Tigerboy has only been happy feeding himself into stuffed sleep, powernapping for a few minutes, then declaring himself ravenous and starting the cycle again. Which is all well and good for him, but a bit wearing for me, and not brilliant for the rest of the family either.

Smallest is reacting by pushing every boundary going. She’s throwing things, hitting ppl, bouncing around shouting loud nonsense syllables and generally being extremely two.

Small has stepped up to the plate brilliantly. When she manages to attract his attention, which granted can be rather hard to do, he’s read to her, played with her, shared his ds – I’ve been impressed. But there is only so much he can do, and it doesn’t include keeping up with the washing.

And as for me? I’m trying to remember that this passes so quickly. That I will never be here again with a small dependent child. That baby hugs are fleeting and all too soon children aim towards independence and leave you behind. That baby snuggles need to be cherished, each and every one of them.

But I still cried when I lost at wwf again. Sometimes it really is the most irrelevant straws that do your camel in.


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  1. Mrs Goriami says:

    Reading that reminded me of a day with E when I sat on the sofa with Boo and all 3 of us were crying, E as he was hungry, Boo as he wanted me to play and me as I was exhausted! Seems like a lifetime ago and yet it was only just over a year’re right it does go so quickly, but it seems so painfully slow when you’re living that exhaustion. Beautiful photo xx

  2. I miss those baby days that I will never have again, cherish them xx
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  3. Hi:

    You are so cute and funny to call your baby Tiger Boy! That is the perfect name for a little baby boy lamb. Oh girl hang in there it is a ride like no other.

    Cheers to the Bliss!


  4. Sounds exhausting. But you’re right. Those lovely snugly baby moments don’t last long. I suppose it will take everyone in the family time to adjust to their gorgeous new brother and having to share you that little but more. But adjust they will. (I might have an only child but I’m one of four and I’m the first born!) Hope you’re managing to get some rest in between all the feeding!
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  5. I remember sooooo clearly that utterly overwhelming feeling of caring for a newborn and trying to run a house/look after other children/oversee a house move/live in a construction site/work/blog. I think I cried every day for the first six months! Not because I was depressed, or even upset, but just because I was hormonal, and exhausted, and unsettled, and drowning under a pile of chores I couldn’t even make a dent in. But now she’s 18 months, and getting more independent by the minute, and a part of me wishes I still had that tiny newborn in my arms. He’s just GORGEOUS!! xx

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