I guess I must have been tired

I didn’t get up particularly early this morning, although I wasn’t desperately late either. But by midday I was flagging, drooping on a chair in the kitchen, barely keeping my eyes open. So I gave in, with twitter permission, and retired to bed, expecting to sleep for an hour and then be bored and get up again.

In fact I slept for 3 1/2 hours. This surprised me rather. And when I got up I wasn’t precisely full of energy – I made a cup of tea and staggered out to the shops for something for dinner, and now, at 9.30 I’m thinking longingly of bed again.

So that’s where I’m heading, right after I write up something vaguely resembling a meal plan for the week, which will help with the shopping I need to do tomorrow…

Monday – jacket potatoes, beans, cheese, ham. Pick and mix meal.
Tuesday – bolognese with a variety of pastas.
Wednesday – toad in the hole, roast potatoes, veg.
Thursday – pizza night.
Friday – aargh. We used to do fish and chips after swim club on a Friday, but swim club is now 8-9, which is far too late for the whole family to be sitting down to fish and chips. We may have to move fish and chips to Saturday, which is just wrong. TBA
Saturday. TBA – see Friday.
Sunday – jacket potatoes.

Hm, not a very firm plan. This year I want to stretch our culinary horizons a little, and build in some extra reliable meals. While sticking to a budget. The meals above, apart from the fish and chips, are all pretty cheap. Aldi does 900g of mince for £2.40, which does two meals, even by the time I’ve added onion, herbs, tin of tomatoes and a box of passata, you’re still looking at around £2.50 to feed the family. Pizza is home made from dough, so is cheap apart from cheese, but I buy mozzarella from aldi or lidl, which is around 40p a meal. I might pop back and add prices when I add in the extra meals. Cutting the costs that way makes me feel that the one expensive meal of fish and chips, which comes in at under £10 for the five of us, isn’t really that extravagant.

Not going to get much further than this tonight, and need to go sort out the bedroom a little as there is debris from unpacking from Christmas mark two earlier, so that will have to be that.

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  1. Thanks for joining in!

    A nice meal plan, sounds like comfort food to me!

  2. If you’re looking to stretch your culinary horizons maybe curries would be the way as they’re VERY cheap to do.

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