Swimming, What a Performance and more Pottermore

In the summer holidays, evening swimming lessons are shifted to mornings. I think this is meant to free up parents for days out and the pool for public swimming in the evening. What it doesn’t do is take into account small boys who don’t like mornings, and like changes in their routines even less.

So Small and I had had a heated discussion about it all last night when I’d asked him to pack his swimming bag, and there was more encouragement required this morning to actually get him out of the house. I’d planned on taking everyone else too, and swimming after his session was over, but then I discovered that the main pool isn’t open until 12, so we’d have had to hang around for 1 1/2 hours and I decided that wasn’t very feasible.

So he swam, we returned, and found a package in the hall, waiting for me.

It turned out to be my prize copy of What a Performance from Encyclopladia and Orchard Toys. I cajoled the children into having a look, and when they did they were hooked. Much laughter ensued, and they pronounced it a good game, so that was good too. I’m not quite sure why it needs such a big box though – the board comes in four pieces which is an excellent idea, and surely the box itself could be smaller? Given that’s my only criticism, it’s a bit of a feeble one, and I can see this going to the top of the “games to play when friends are round” list.

Afternoon arrived, and still no sign of Small’s validation email from Pottermore, despite our valiant attempts to sign up yesterday. I can only assume he either typed my name wrong, or they didn’t send it because Big’s had come to that email address too. So I resumed my frantic refreshing of the website when the clue window came around, and with an excellent team effort (three computers!) managed to get him in today. And the validation email arrived, so that was good. Phew.

Tea time, and I managed to cook and eat and then that was it for my store of energy for the day and I retired for a lie down. The nausea is wearing me out 🙁 In fact, I only got up again to get Smallest ready for bed, and now I’m going back there. Will edit tomorrow to add pictures and links.

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  1. 🙂 Darn it, we don’t sell that one. Will get it in stock then!
    Merry recently posted…At the Kitchen Table with Glow: TimeMy Profile

  2. I’ve got into Pottermore too. Got really phased when everything was in German (!) but I have been able to translate everything they’ve sent me. Glad you got them swimming. Really good for you too. Sorry you’re feeling yuk though! xx
    Julia recently posted…100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week#4My Profile

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