Hectic hurried days.

Have had a couple of horriedly hectic days this week, with appts in far flung places and odd gaps in between. Fortunately have managed to fill some of the gaps with friends, like the Puddles and the Beans šŸ™‚ It’s cost a fortune in diesel as well – meaning that when I can I drive veeerrrrry sloooowwwwly to get better efficiency. It does work, but it’s mind numbing.

I was beyond tired when I got to bed last night, and then had an awful night with Smallest – first time in ages. I think it was all the driving around that did it, with short odd naps folded up in her car seat iyswim. So I didn’t feel an awful lot better when I got up this morning, with another appt to go to, then back for only a couple of hours before tramping down to the leisure centre for yet another instalment of rookie lifeguard.

It’s just as well Big started rookie in September rather than waiting til this year. She’s two lessons off finishing the standard course now, with just her gold challenge test session and then the 1500m test session to go. Oddly her teacher had been preparing them for the mile, and I know that a child in her swim squad did just that in March, but when the letter came out it only said 1500. I’m going to ring up and query it, as she’s ever so disappointed to think she might not get that. I don’t care if they’ve discontinued the badge, they can let her swim the extra four lengths and write it up themselves if necessary!

So that’s the water related news. Although I’m not sure if I mentioned that when we were at a sandy beach at the weekend Smallest paddled for the first time (I know I shared the image) and had to be carried out of the water shivering and screaming to go back in šŸ˜†

Small has had a tough week, but it was hugely brightened this morning by the arrival of Shadowmagic: Prince of Hazel and Oak, ostensibly for me to review, but in reality it looks like he’ll be doing it. I won the first last year and he stole that and read it, emailing the author, John Lenahan, to say it was one of the best books he’d ever read. (For his age he has actually read quite a lot of books. He’s not desperately discriminating though šŸ˜‰ ) Anyway, it kept him very happy in the car today, so that was a huge bonus. Thank you Friday Project, full review to follow very soon.

Not been a good week for the garden – accidentally left the seedlings out overnight instead of returning to the porch and something ate several of them šŸ™ Tomorrow I must see what I can salvage. That’s if I remember to bring them in tonight.

And I do believe we might get some rain too. That would be good. I miss it.

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